The herb has all characteristics of Allium, but no trace of any onion or garlic smell Leaves linear, flat, about 1 cm wide, all basal, upto 25 cm long Scape about 30-40 cm long, flowers subumbellate, subtended by spathaceous bract
Flowers white, about 8-9 mm across; filaments without any basal teeth.
Growing in Herbal Garden in Delhi

Tracked it down to some species of Muilla, but yet to fix the species.

Interestingly the genus Muilla which is very similar to Allium except for lacking the characteristic smell was proposed by G. Watson in 1879 by writing the spellings of genus Allium in reverse order. Perhaps three species of the genus are recognised, and the plant matches most with M. transmontana, but the leaves are broader than that species.

I was after this plant for a long time. This week I again found this plant flowering, and asked gardener about it. He gave me English name Choice and Hindi name Neelie, but I was apprehensive because I could not detect any onion smell. Today I asked another gardener, he gave the same name and said it has sweet onion smell. He could smell it, I could not, perhaps my smell power has become less sensitive.
I did some thinking, and thought chives as closest, but it is not Allium schoenoprasum, which however, has pink flowers. Next the garlic chives, Allium tuberosum, and yes the plant looks much similar, but one problem. Allium tuberosum grows in our College Botanical garden, but flowers only in August September. This one flowers in April.
Since it is supposed to be important medicinally, could any member throw more light on this.



Sharing the images of Onion: Sharing the images of Onion from Ramya Nursery, TVS Nagar, Coimbatore.

we eat it in potatoe curry in calcutta

Forwarding again for Botanical name please.


Number of flowers in the umbel seem too few for an onion, unless it was an unsuitable habitat. Please upload photographs of leaves to confirm. Were they flat or fistular??