Cucurbita species; 

Cucurbitaceae Week: Cucurbita for Id from Panipat: This species was shot from Panipat, August 2011 and I think this to be Cucurbita maxima. Please verify…

The fruit looks like Lagenaria but for yellow flowers…

Perhaps fruits would have helped.

Cucurbitaceae week: Few Cucurbits from Australia-II: This one is again from same store in Sydney. Shot somewhere in December 2010, this is kabocha squash or Japanese pumpkin, this is a variety of Cucurbita maxima?

Vow lovely Catch … this looks like just Indian





Cucurbita sp for id from Jangal Chatti Village in way to Ghangriya
It was cultivated there

A photograph of base of ovary or young fruit would have helped to differentiate between C. moschata, C. maxima and C. pepo

Sir I dont have more photographs. next time will try


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