Nilgiris: Shola tree for identification 101212MK01:

Please help me to identify this stunted tree. This is found on a shore of a stream in the high altitudes (Shola vegetation). The height of the tree is about three metres. Could this be any Myrtaceae?
Leaf: 10 cm long
Fruit: 0.5 cm across; red
Date: 21 Oct 2012
Place: Mukruthi NP, Nilgiris, TN
Alt.: 2356 m asl

Could be a species of Eugenia 

Eugenia is a very difficult genus for taxonomic determination. Using photographs with low resolution is so difficult too. Better he has to send a specimen to some experts for identification

I think it is not Eugenia. It may be Ilex species of the family Aquifoliaceae. (I. wightiana var. peninsularis or some other species like I. denticulata or I. gardneriana I require some good photos.

The leaves and fruit positions are like Eugenia, but the fruit apex does not show the remaining sepals or sepal scars, so it may not be Eugenia. Flower images and other details are needed, and wait for the experts. 

I think its a species of Ilex



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