Calytrix tetragona Labill., Nov. Holl. Pl. 2: 8 1806. (Syn: Calycothrix behriana Schltdl.; Calycothrix billardierei Schauer; Calycothrix brunioides (A.Cunn.) Schauer; Calycothrix curtophylla (A.Cunn.) Schauer; Calycothrix diversifolia Turcz.; Calycothrix glabra (R.Br.) Hook.f. …..; Calycothrix leucantha Miq.; Calycothrix monticola Miq.; Calycothrix muelleri Miq.; Calycothrix rosea Miq.; Calycothrix scabra (DC.) Schauer .; Calycothrix schlechtendalii Miq.; Calycothrix squarrosa Miq.; Calycothrix sullivanii F.Muell.;  Calycothrix tetragona (Labill.) F.Muell.; Calycothrix virgata (A.Cunn.) Schauer; Calytrix behriana (Schltdl.) Benth. [Invalid]; Calytrix billardierei Benth. [Invalid]; Calytrix brunioides A.Cunn.; Calytrix curtophylla A.Cunn.; Calytrix diversifolia (Turcz.) B.D.Jacks.; Calytrix ericoides A.Cunn.; Calytrix flavescens var. curtophylla (A.Cunn.) Benth.; Calytrix glabra R.Br.; Calytrix mitchellii S.Moore; Calytrix pubescens Sweet ex G.Don; Calytrix scabra DC.; Calytrix sullivanii (F.Muell.) B.D.Jacks.; Calytrix virgata A.Cunn.);

Australia (Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales,
Victoria, Tasmania)
as per Catalogue of Life;


Flora-Australia-74: Attachments (1)

Calytrix tetragonaa erect or spreading shrub-F–Myrtaceae

Very nice flowers. Flowers with many stamens look very good


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