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image & identification by Aarti S. Khale

Picture taken during the “Flower Show’ at Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai in Feb,12.

Today while searching the net found its name.
Did not find any earlier posts on this, only … reference of its name.
Used as a vegetable.
Picture taken on the 25th of Feb.




Psophocarpus tetragonolobus : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (4)

There is only one photo of Psophocarpus tetragonolobus on efloraofindia site.

I am attaching few more photos of the same species. If it is useful you may add these photos, especially of the flower. 
These photographs are taken at private farm at Ghodegaon. 19° 2′ 3.29” N 73° 50′ 0.04” E. Altitude 693.3


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