Sasa veitchii (Carrière) Rehder, J. Arnold Arbor. 1: 58 1919. (Syn: Arundinaria albomarginata (Franch. & Sav.) Makino, Arundinaria albomarginata f. minor Makino, Arundinaria veitchii (Carrière) N.E.Br., Bambusa albomarginata Makino [Invalid]; Bambusa senanensis var. albo-marginata Faurie ex Hack. .; Bambusa veitchii Carrière; Phyllostachys bambusoides var. albomarginata Miq.; Sasa albomarginata (Franch. & Sav.) Makino & Shibata .; Sasa atagoensis Makino ex Koidz.; Sasa auriculata Koidz.; Sasa doiyoshiwoana Koidz.; Sasa grandifolia Koidz.; Sasa higoensis Nakai; Sasa horribilis Koidz.; Sasa kinkiensis Koidz.; Sasa myojinensis Koidz.; Sasa notopeninsulae Koidz.; Sasa persimilis Koidz. & Araki; Sasa rigescens Koidz.; Sasa sachalinensis Makino & Nakai; Sasa sadaoi Nakai; Sasa sandangorgiana Koidz.; Sasa sasagaminensis Koidz.; Sasa sayekiensis Koidz.; Sasa tangoana Nakai [Invalid]; Sasa tyuhgokensis Makino; Sasa uii Nakai; Sasa veitchii f. fuiri Muroi & H.Okamura …………….; Sasa yettiuensis Koidz.);


identification no 241011sn1:  Kindly Id this plant.Leaves has green and white stripes quite profuse here.I just could take one photo.

plant habit:herb
height:about 9″
other info:white and green stripes on the flowers or fruits.

Variegated Crepe Ginger
link :/wp-content/uploads/attachments/Costusspevar.html

This looks like a species of grass belong to the family Poaceae with variegated leaves.

most probably
Sasa veitchii



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