India , one of the important bio-diversity zone of the world is rich in flora . And it has all the reason to be so with Himalaya in one side, coast on other and deserts and evergreen forest on either of the sides. With Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats competing with each other ,the plant life of coral reefs and mangroves lead the battle. So it is a different world out here and that mesmerises almost every one who observe at such beauties from their own geographical convenience. This convenience emerges into observation and observation becomes constant. Such observers are welcome to share their observations and / or raise them for the betterment of group for the purpose of knowledge, gaining and sharing. We at Indian Flora welcome you on board and look forward for long and never ending relationship. Welcome to Indian Flora, a facebook group inspired by e-flora of India (
Indian Flora facebook group have more than 13,000 members on 6.10.14

Though I am sorry for cross posting, but this is worth to share that Indian
Flora Facebook group is sharing its first birthday anniversary on 17th July`12. We have created an event, for this occasion, under which members are requested to post a pic of their favorite place (which may define the habitat of it, may not necessarily have flower in the frame) where they go for flora observation. It may be garden, park, forest, ridge, desert, river bank or famous botanical garden. In short any place/area which is their favorite for flora observation.
Members may post upto three pics (but of different places and not all three of one location) and caption it as Anniversary special : name of place (e.g. Anniversary special : Matheran)
The upload may start on from 12 AM of 17th July upto 11.55 PM .
I am hoping for maximum participation.
The efI members can also participate by joining the Indian Flora group on facebook

Please find attached : New front page cover for the FB group with my favorite quote on it.

Indian Flora – Facebook Group:  I am sorry for cross posting, but I thought that this might be of use (in general interest) to few of the members who often and regularly go in the field for the observation related to birds, butterflies , reptiles and what not. In such field trips we do come across few trees, plants, shrubs and climbers that are directly related or connected to the other creatures that we observe. We often either try to ID the floral species or sometimes we do ignore due to limits of time. But surely, these floral species form the habitat which is important for the other living creatures direct or indirect manner.

We own and operate a facebook group called “Indian Flora” which is more then a year old and has established a repute among people who study wildlife, ecology and biodiversity. We are group of 1100 and plus including taxonomist, systematic botanist, naturalists, horticulturists, agri-farmers, students and college professors/ head of departments. To mention, the group is very simple basic and cooperative.

I must mention that Indian Flora is inspired by the google group e Flora of India (!forum/indiantreepix), which has earmarked a huge grand success in a very small time in the field .
On sincere note, I would like to request al those, having interest in Indian Wild Flora, may please join (subject to their availability/presence on facebook) the captioned group.
I would be happy to see more and more people joining and also adding their near and dear ones, who have interst in this subject.
Link for Indian Flora facebook group.

Indian Flora FB group crosses 2000 members: I am very glad to inform that Indian Flora Facebook group (inspired by e flora of India) has crossed more then 2000 active members. I am thankful to all and every member that has been actively participating on efI and also on Indian Flora (FB) . Link for Indian Flora FB group ( )

It’s really wonderful.
Good work!!!