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Lichens in Chennai?:

Thanks to my son, I got to see this Lichen-like growth on a common white Frangipani tree/ Champa Tree or சம்பங்கி as shown in the photo enclosed. I always thought Lichens are kind of Bio-indicators of clean air! Am sure the place where I live (Vannandurai) is not that clean that lichens could come up. Are there varieties of lichens that manages to survive even in harsh environmental conditions like that in Chennai?
Would love to learn.

Would you please send a more clear picture (you may crop the picture with the object inside the picture then re-size).

To me it looks like Moss plants (Bryophyta).

Yes, a moss to me also , or any other growth, not appearing like a lichen

I am sure … are absolutely correct. This is a moss, even from the first look i could find the gametophyte of a epiphytic moss. A more clear picture will help to reach the genus.

i think this is aerial roots of plumeria.

Close up & related discussion on these roots is in the following thread:!searchin/indiantreepix/Lichens$20in$20Chennai?/indiantreepix/hc4FdDx2vnU/or8q3GzfIskJ



Re: Lichens in Chennai?: The Lichen-like growth on Champangi tree (Frangipani) that I had written to you earlier I feel are actually growth of adventitious roots.

In this the bark on the stems splits open and there are maggots like roots growing out of the splits. At first they looked quite freaky and weird, for they were nowhere near the ground!
I am informed that these are fairly common in tomatoes, triggered by stress, or high humidity, or for unknown reasons.
But is it worthwhile cutting o

ff the branch with the roots and replanting?

Yes, adventitious roots it seems can happen in Plumeria…
there is a nice discussion at this url:

its an american group… they discuss things quite frankly and openly…

you’ll get a lot of information there and what to do, in case this is your own tree and you are worried about the stress son your tree that may have caused it.

I often refer to this gardenweb for my questions, usually i find my answers about growing and practical needs of the plants…

good luck.
By the way I like the way you have shown the three areas in the same picture…
it must have taken a little time to do this, how does one do it?

but I would have like to have seen them in larger views esp of the first fuzzy one…

This is indeed adventitious roots and lichen.

asking for my education… of these three things in this composite pic which one is lichen?

Out of all the photos in the composite image none of them are Lichens. All are adventitious root from Plumeria which is quite common. Lichens never looks like this at best of my knowledge.

All of them are roots, none of them are lichens.
To confirm, cut a transverse section and you will see the vascular bundles.

but then will need those razors and may be a 10x magnifier or a dissecting microscope all in one place…
and may be even some stains and glass slides and cover slips…

tell me what physical things would I need to set up something like that in my computer room/ office at home?

do you have a list for serious amateur?

Before jumping to any conclusion, Chennai may not have any lichen of this type. Then there is no chance for any Bryophyes also.