Afghanistan (Badakshan, Wakhan, Kabul, Kunar / Nuristan, Parwan), Pakistani
Kashmir (Baltistan, Astor, Gilgit), Pakistan (Hazara, Kurram, Chitral, Swat),
Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Chumbi, Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir, Ladakh, Leh),
China (Sichuan, Yunnan), India
as per Catalogue of Life

Common name: Tibetan Willow-Herb

Erect herb with leafy or fleshy basal soboles; stems 13-100cm, much-branched, sparsely appressed stiffly all around, glabrescent below, with subglabrous raised lines. Leaves lanceolate to narrowly oblanceolate, 2-7 x 0.5-1.7cm, acute, base attenuate, subglabrous except on veins, serrulate; petiole2-5mm. Inflorescenceerect; pedicels 0.4-1.2cm; flowers erect. Floral tube subglabrous within. Sepals 3.5-5 x 1.3-1.7mm. Petals pink to rose-purple, rarely white, 5-8 x 3-3.5mm, apical notch 0.7-1.2mm. Ovaries densely appressed stiffly hairy and eglandular, 1.4-2.3cm; style 2.5-4mm; stigma subcapitate to short clavate. Capsules 4-8.5cm,on pedicels 1-3.2cm. Seeds ovoid, 0.9-1.3 x 0.4-0.55mm, reticulate; tuft of hairs dull white, easily detached

Fl. June-September
Moist places by ditches, streams and rivers in mountains
(Attributions- A.C.J Grierson & D.G Long. Flora of Bhutan. Published by RBGE. 1991 from Bhutan Biodiversity Portal)



ID request- 07072012-PKA3: Requesting ID for this herb from ladakh.
Date/Time: 18-09-2011 / 01:45PM
Location: En-route Turtuk Village, Nubra Valley, Ladakh
Altitude: Approx: 10000 ft.
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Herb.

Epilobium sp.

Flower close up should help further.

See my previous lengthy comments about Epilobium sp. in Nubra

I think more closer to images and details at Epilobium tibetanum Hausskn.

Epilobium tibetanum from Khillenmarg-Kongdor, Kashmir: Epilobium tibetanum Hausskn., Oesterr. Bot. Z. 29: 53. 1879
syn: Epilobium pseudobscurum Hausskn.; Epilobium roseum var. anagallidifolium C.B. Clarke
A distinctive clump-forming perennial with ascending branches, oblong-lanceolate leaves, up to 3.5 cm long, lower obtuse, upper acute, petiole 2-3 mm long; inflorescence few-flowered with pale-pink to white flowers; stigma clavate; capule 5-6 cm long, sparsely pilose.
Photographed among rocks in Khillenmarg-Kongdor area, Kashmir in July 



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