31.08.11.JP.01 – Eriocaulon spp. identification: The photograph is of an Eriocaulon seen at Matheran.
Any help with the species identification is greatly appreciated.
While I know Eriocaulaceae is a vast family and identifications based on flower photos are rather difficult,
this species had a peculiar character: the inflorescence stalk was cover to an extent by a leaf sheath-like covering.

As you have opinion-ed, it is very difficult to identify a species of Eriocaulon from a photograph.
I guess this could be Erioculaon euripeplon Koernicke.
I could collect this extremely variable species from Maharashtra and attaching an image of this species collected from Lonaavala, Pune. The colour of the head is different in my picture. So please confirm the identity with relevant literature.

I guess ID is correct Eriocaulon eurypeplon !


Kindly help in identification of this species.

date/time: nov 16
location: Aambyvalley Rd., off lonavala, Pune
habitat: wild
plant habit: herb
height: may be 2-3 ft

Leaf does not match with any if the Eriocaulon sp. as far as I know.

Pl. check

Checked the eflora site but cannot determine the species though it seems to be Eriocaulon. I also found some undetermined species photos on the site around Mulshi. May be this is hard to determine species.

I had not read … comments. May be this is not Eriocaulon. Yes the leaves look different.

I agree with …, leaves of Eriocaulon (generic description) are linear or filiform. This seems a different genus. Should be interesting to know.

Yes, Eriocaulon sp. (probably E. eurypeplon) inflorescence growing in association with another plant.