Ipomoea alba L., Sp. Pl. 1: 161 161 1753. ?


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Photo taken 27 dec

Is the habitat coastal or estuarine? Size of flower 15 cm?

Central Bangladesh, Flower is big basically the corolla when opened. largest size I  flower I ever seen

This can be Ipomoea violacea

Most probably Ipomoea alba.

Ipomoea alba L.


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Ipomoea moonii
Yesterday (4.10.10) at Kanakeshwar, Alibag

…, nice photo.  Is it a night bloomer?

i think so …

A view showing the sepals would be so helpful because the corolla of many species looks identical but the sepals show the differences vital to differential IDentification

On google search, I could not find any species like Ipomoea moonii. Would you pl. clarify ?

pomoea alba L.




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