Hoya parasitica (Roxb.) Wall. ex Wight, Contr. Bot. India 37 37 1834. (Syn: Asclepias parasitica Roxb.);

by Prasad Kumar Dash (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details,
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i am glad to share the image of one of the rarest beauty of Orissa Hoya parasitica

Name of the species: Hoya parasitica
Place of collection: Mahendragiri hills, Gajapati, South Orissa
Altitude: 5000 ft. above msl
Habit: Woody creeper
Habitat: Moist deciduous to Semi-evergreen and Evergreen forests

Yes wonderful photographs….
I love Hoyas, as houseplants they are so docile and not demanding…
they just sit there and periodically reward you with these long-lasting waxy, sometimes fragrant flowers… thank you for showing this variety…

Hoyas are my second love after orchids and this one is a delight. Is this plant really a parasite as the name suggests?




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Please help to know these Hoyas

Third pic is Hoya wightii is suppose

Will go with … ID

It is amazing that IDs flow with just pictures without any info on location, habit, habitat, leaves and sizes of flowers. These Hoyas seem to be from NE and it is not clear even as to how many sp. are included. Very interesting plants anyway.

Seems to match with images of Hoya parasitica (Roxb.) Wall. ex Wight


Catalogue of Life (Hoya acuta Haw. syn: Hoya acuta Haw.; Hoya albens Miller. ex Steud.; Hoya globifera Ridl.; Hoya hookeriana Wight; Hoya lanceolata Lindl.; Hoya pallida Lindl.; Hoya parasitica (Roxb.) Wall. ex Traill; Hoya ridleyi King & Gamble; Hoya verticillata (Vahl) G. Don; Sperlingia verticillata Vahl)