Gloxinia from my home garden: Gloxinia of Gesneriaceae a new fond acquisition at my garden in Pune. A small succulent herb 15-20 cm tall; leaves radical, 10-12 cm, ovate-oblong, dentate, succulent. Flowers 5-6 cm on a stout peduncle.

Beautiful flower. Is it possible to grow this plant in Mumbai climate ?

Nice picture sir. Does it have any fragrance?

all flowers have a scent however faint when they first open, you know that of course..
no gloxinias’s “scent” does not last even a few minutes…
gloxinias are so highly hybridized that the end result looks good but does not send out scent..
like the tea roses…

Sinningia speciosa was introduced as a house plant popularly known as Gloxinia, the original plant hailing from south America. This tuberous herb with inodorous flowers can be grown in moist shady places even in

I have had good experiences with Gloxinia perrenis which used to give smell at particular time, almost twice a day it was on peak otherwise it was faintly scented. Infact the person in whose garden I saw it for
the first time, never really smelled it. We call such persons bad rooster!!!! hehehehe…
Bad Rooster is the one who wakes up late and goes to bed early :P….
but never misses to shout during the day time :))



efloraofindia:”For Id 06022013MR2’’ potted plant with deep pink flowers at Pune: 28/01/2013

requesting identification of this potted plant at a private society garden at Pune. No fruits were seen.

this is Sinningia speciosa
COMMON NAME :- Brazillian gloxinia 





Garden Flower For ID : Flower Show,Mumbai : 170214 : AK-9 : Attachments (4). 7 posts by 3 authors.

A cultivated, potted garden flower seen at the Flower Show yesterday. (16.2.14).

Id please.

This is Gloxinia flower 

Could the correct name be Gloxinia speciosa ‘Brocade Double’?

yes madam YOU are right 

Now the correct name would be Sinningia speciosa or Gloxinia speciosa?
Experts kindly help.

Gloxinia speciosa



Identification TB16062010 : 9 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (2)

I saw this plant long time back in a nursery in Gangtok, During the month of November 2006. There were two flower colour variety of this plant. I am attaching both the photos. Kindly help to identify it.



it is Gloxinie (Sinningia), originally from tropical Brasil, a beautiful velvety flower.

Attaching my pictures taken a few days ago. 
Here you will find many beautiful color varitions
i think this is African violet.

i don’t have more / new information. i feel it is Gloxinie (Sinningia), I have seen this plant with many diff colors. My plant has lila flowers, the fotos i have sent already.
perhaps this helps, now in english
This is undoubtedly a Gesneriaceae member. First one seems like a very  young plant of Gloxinia perrenis. It sud have a very pleasant colgate
kind of smell, just to confirm you can check. Smell in early morning till 8am. It should also have a perrenating creeping rhizome like underground stem. Second one is another unknown species of Gloxinia to me….

It appears close to images at Sinningia speciosa Hiern 
I also checked in net & these appear to match.

yes sinningia-speciosa. very popular indoor plant, because it has many colors and is easy to keep.




Please help with identification : 9 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)

please help with identification of the flower attached.

Got this plant from a nursery in Jamnagar, Gujarat. But no one knew anything about it.
Please help in ID. Of plant.

Looks close to Gloxinia to me

Thanks, …, for the genus id.
It is close to images at Sinningia speciosa (Cultivated)  



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