Gerbera species/ hybrids;

efloraofindia:”Id 05112011MR3’’ diffferentiate Gerbera,Asters and Zinias Pune: help requested to understand and identify Gerbera, Asters and Zinias. I get very confused between the three.

Can Gerbera be called bulbous plant: Gerbera is classified as bulbous plant in most gardening books although it does not produce bulbs/tubers/corms/rhizomes and is usually propagated by division of plants. Why is it called so ?

Gerbera can’t be called a bulbous plant because it is not grown from a bulb.
The plants produce root suckers which is divided to grow a new plant. But it looks like a bulbous plant as all the leaves and flowers emerges from the suckers. Looking for info from experts



Asteraceae Fortnight Part-1: Gerbera heads (NSJ-07 04:05:2013) : Attachments (1). 1 post by 1 author. 

Gerbera flowers



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I had photographed this herb long back at Nagpur.
Date/Time: 20th April, 2008.

To me this looks like some Gerbera

Yes Gerbera sp.



ASTERACEAE Fortnight Part 3-Ligulate Heads: Sonchus Sp (NSJ-07) : Attachments (2). 2 posts by 2 authors.  

Another discussion addresses this topic:

Sonchus Sp Pl validate.

Should be Gerbera sp. not Sonchus



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