Alluaudia procera (Drake) Drake, Bull. Mus. Hist. Nat. (Paris) 9: 37 1903. (Syn: Didierea procera Drake); 


A garden plant, cultivated in a plant nursery at Nasik, Maharashtra.

No flowers present when the picture was taken.
Pictures taken on the 2nd of April.

I think this is Alluaudia procera

It definitely looks something like Alluaudia procera

Would be interested to know differences between Alluaudia procera and Fouquieria splendens. We found a similar plant labelled as latter in Panchkula Cactus garden.



Garden plant for id – 190113 ANB-0026 – Mumbai: I would like to know the name of this thorny garden plant if possible.

… a guess from me: Euphorbia milii.

This could be Madagascar Ocotillo, Alluaudia procera.

I had posted earlier for id.

Thank you … I have some Euphorbia milii (Crown of Thorns) plants that are flowering but this seemed to be something different. Perhaps it is the plant that … is referring to.

Yes …, no doubts ! … your plant must be … ID.


Alluaudia procera
While processing my upload of Fouquieria splendens from Cactus garden Panchkula, I labelled another similar plant as Fouquiera– confirm. This was lying in my folders till I finally came to know that it was Alluaudia procera, Madagascar Ocotillo belonging to a distinct family, Didieraceae

An example of convergent evolution with American Ocotillo, Fouquieria splendens of Fouquieriaceae showing similar habit but different in arrangement of leaves and structure of flowers.
Photographed from Cactus Garden Panchkula

April 9, 2011

what does it look like in tis entirety

does it for the shrub cactus as the american sw ocatillo does?

Almost same size. Attachments (1)

when you went Jacarandas were in full bloom? one in the background.
and do they give guides to take you thru the garden?



Seen in the garden during my visit in October, 2018.

This was in their Conservatory, in the Desert House.
Looks close to Alluaudia procera, of Didiereaceae to me.

Is it listed in their site ?
Appears close as per Alluaudia procera

No, it is not listed. They don’t have a proper site where you can find your ids. Only the Planthotline where Master Gardeners will id the plants, rarely correctly. Except for a few, most of them have limited knowledge.

I have seen this earlier in a plant nursery in Nasik. Also in Kenya.  
That’s why I suggested the above. 



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