Funaria hygrometrica Hedw., Sp. Musc. Frond. 172 172 1801. (Syn: Amphoritheca angustifolia (Jur. & Milde) A. Jaeger; Funaria androgyna Brid.; Funaria angustifolia Brid.; Funaria angustifolia (Jur. & Milde) Broth.; Funaria aurea Brid.; Funaria campylopus Brid.; Funaria convoluta Hampe; Funaria flaviseta Warnst.; Funaria fuegiana Müll. Hal.; Funaria fuscescens Mitt.; Funaria globicarpa Müll. Hal.; Funaria gracilescens Schimp. ex Müll. Hal.; Funaria hygrometrica var. intermedia Warnst. ..; Funaria intermedia (Warnst.) Warnst.; Funaria lonchopelma Müll. Hal.; Funaria magellanica Müll. Hal. ex Besch.; Funaria marginata Kindb.; Funaria minor Delile; Funaria papillata Hampe; Funaria plagiostoma Müll. Hal.; Funaria ramificans Brid.; Funaria ravenelii Austin; Funaria sphaerocarpa Müll. Hal.; Tayloria henryae Dixon;                           Funaria orthopoda Thér.);



051111PD03 Funaria hygrometrica Flora of Orissa:  i am basically a lower plant taxonomist (expertise in Algae and Bryophytes). I am pleased to share my first post of a very common moss from Orissa. Just have a look.

Name of the species: Funaria hygrometrica
Family: Funariaceae
Place of collection: Mahendragiri hills, Gajapati
Habit: Moss
Habitat: Grasslands, top plateaus, it also grows in lower altitude where rain fall is high and also in walls of moist habitat.
Altitude: 800 m above msl

It is pleasing to know that you are one of the very few people who are working on Thallophytes.