Banksia grandis Willd., Sp. Pl. 1: 535 1798. (Syn: Sirmuellera grandis Kuntze);

Australia (SW-Western Australia) as per Catalogue of Life;

Banksia -endemic to Australlia
World wide 72 spp. of the genus., all 72 are in Aus, Out of it 71 are endemic to Australia.
Genus named after Sir Josep Banks a naturalist who introduced this genera to the western world introduced also Eucalyptus, Mimosa acasia, during his botanical excursion-from England -to the island of Australia with Capt. Cook on his ship in 1768-1771
the coast where he camped for collecting and drying his specimen was named Botany bay.
1st photo-seed pod of Banksia-sp.
Flowers on Banksia tree.
3rd- B.grandis.

This is probably Banksia grandis… Nice to to see this plant
… uploaded another species of Banksia from SFO which i identified

Yes, it is B. grandis.
I have taken photos of many more spp. of Banksias


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