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Meizotropis buteiformis Voigt [=Butea minor Buch.- Ham. ex Baker] of Fabaceae family is a less photographed plant.
This genus (Meizotropis) has only two species M.buteiformis and M.pellita (posted earlier by me) in the world. Both species occur in Uttarakhand in Kumaon division.
M.buteiformis is a large leaved shrub with paniculate inflorescence of bright red flowers.  I captured it near Mangti village in Kali Valley, Pithoragarh District. It lies in the route of Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra.
4 shows the location of plant (red circle) but more interesting is the
road construction at this place. The entire road is made by cutting the
hard rock which in picture looks like an open jaw. Though there was road
but after the natural disaster of 15/16 June 2013 it was blocked near
Dharchula and to reach to this place we trekked around 30km.

Thanks … for this post. Beautiful pictures! and interesting habitat! I am happy to see the plant once again. [Here is my previous post of this species. Thanks for adding the accepted name].

Interesting post of an uncommon plant with habitat details..

Thanks for sharing. Amazing efforts and equally good pictures.I appreciate your trekking capacities for capturing so many plants.

Thank you … for liking this rare legume beauty. With the pics of … I became sure of the ID. Hope together we will explore all the flora of India.

Thanks … for the inspiring line: Hope together we will explore all the flora of India. I like the thought very very much.

Yes Yes. Very inspiring lines.

Meizotropis buteiformis Voigt, Hort. Suburb. Calcutt. 239. 1845.
Synonyms:Butea buteiformis (Voigt) Grierson & D.G.Long
Butea minor Baker, Butea xizangensis X.Y. Zhu & Y.F. Du, Megalotropis buteiformis (Voigt) Griff., Plaso minor (Baker) Kuntze
Distribution: Ban­gladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal.
Current pic taken from Munshiyari in Uttarakhand at almost the place where the road ends. I assume my id is correct.


Goriganga Valley:
I am posting some images of my trip to Goriganga valley taken 3 years back. In the entire tour Pachchuli snow peaks are towering above.

Butea minima stands corected as Meizotropis buteiformis Voigt syn Butea minor Baker. and Him Kingfisher as Crested Kingfisher

Wow!! unbelievable clarity of pictures. The lizard I felt as though was sitting on my desk. Lovely crimson sunbird, the kingfisher and lovely green colored paris peacock liked them all. Thanks for sharing..

Here are my albums froom Gori Valley on Facebook
First album is my third trip with …, one of my best friends.
Second album was with … from Texas Tech University another best friend.

For the knowledge of members, this small stretch of river and the valley has ~120 species of orchids :). And during my last visit I added two more in three days!!….

I spent only a day from Munsiari to Sera and back To munsiari.
I want to know if we should approach from Askot or from Munsiari. If we can cover the whole valley in 3 days then we are thinking of doing a round trip from Almora Askot Munsiari Almora. What do you advise
logistically and flora diversity wise? We can estimate time only after hearing from you.


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Butea buteiformis! (Fabaceae). An interesting plant, first time we saw only here, a diminutive ‘B.monosperma’, but… you can see the differences. Its a small shrub, up to 2 m tall.

Thanks for sharing. Although it is used in many formulations but its use in prevention of Renal Calculi is surprising.

Now it is Meizotropis buteiformis Voigt. Seeing it first time though it also occur in Uttarakhand.

Meizotropis buteiformis Voigt (accepted name) : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

Location: Bandeu, Nepal
Altitude:  25000 ft.
Date: 25September 2015
Nepalu Name : भुलेत्रो Bhuletro/भुजेत्रो Bhujetro

Thanks for sharing this from Nepal. Also known from Kali Valley area in Uttarakhand.
Once … have informed that a white flowered species is also seen by him in western Nepal.


Yet another dwarf Butea is found in the adjoining Kanchanpur and Baitadi district of Mahakali anchal of Far Western Nepal. You can find it while driving from Dhangari to Baitadi on the lower hill slopes. The leaves are very much larger than B.minor and the flowers are white in colour instead of orange-red as in the other two species. However, I only have a photo of the plant in fruits, which I am posting here. May suggest id for this as it is completely different from the other two species posted.

Thank you … for additional important information. Meizotropis have only two species in the world M.pellita, the species mentioned here, and M.buteiformis (synonym B.minor) which is found throughout Himalaya from Kumaon to Burma. I have seen it last year (2013) in Kali valley where it is frequent along road from Dharchula to Mungti, growing over rocky slopes. This third one from Nepal seems really interesting. The colour of flower may not be a significant character but with the picture it certainly differ from M.buteiformis and M.pellita. But then it requires plant specimens to determine identity/novelty.
Now it is clear with your information that M.pellita has one or two more populations in Kumaon and some plants are safely growing in Himalayan Botanical Garden Naini Tal. I will be very happy to visit this botanic garden in spring and later also. I know you have made great efforts to cultivate many orchids there in addition to other species.

To me it appear close to the images of … at [efloraofindia:34306] Flora of Manipur: Butea buteiformis

Meizotropis buteiformis Voigt (accepted name)  ??
Butea buteiformis (Voigt)Grierson & D.G.Long (synonym) ??

Butea buteiformis (Voigt) Grierson: 7 very high res. images.

Location: Surkhet, West Nepal
Altitude: 820m.
Date: 27 August 2021 
Habit : Wild