Iochroma cyaneum (Lindl.) G.H.M. Lawr. & J.M. Tucker, Baileya 3: 66 66 1955. (Syn: Habrothamnus cyaneus Lindl.; Iochroma lanceolatum Miers; Iochroma tubulosum Benth.; Iochroma weberbaueri Dammer; Meyenia cyanea (Lindl.) Heynh.);

Shrub for identification 220412MK03:

I saw this shrub planted as ornamental in a street of Ooty, Nilgiris, TN. Could this be Scrophulariaceae?
Date: 19 Sep 2011
Altitude: 2000 M ASL
Height of Shrub: 3 metres
Leaf: c. 15cm long
Flower: c. 5 x 0.8 cm

For me the plant looks like Violet Churcu. Iochroma cyaneum.

There are many varieties. You may need to check the variety

Could this be Iochroma coccinea Scheid. of Solanaceae.

Yes it is Iochroma cyaneum


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