Vitex species;

Alagarkoil flora 10062012 TBN 1 FOR ID:

Please identify the following tree, details of which are as follows:
Date : 03/06/2012
Location :Alagarkoil hill range above Silambar valley 20 km from Madurai
Habitat : wild
Habit : tree 20 ft
altitude : 1700 ft
coordinates : N10* 06 154; E 78* 13 854
leaves: trifoliate as depicted
flowers violet ? inflorescence
fruits not seen

This is a Vitex sp. of Verbenaceae.

Yes, I too think that this could be a species of Vitex. for species id it would be better if we can refer the close up of flower and leaves with petiole.

Kindly follow the link of earlier Vitex identity here: efi thread
Most possibly your tree is Vitex altissima L.f. Did you see any riparian habitat close by?

Many thanks for your valuable input. The Vitex sp tree was well away from the Silambar stream and was on the track beyond Nubbura Gangai. It did not seem to have a winged petiole and I just now learnt that only young leaves have a winged petiole.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

If the leaves have winged petiole at any stage, then this could be Vitex altissima


Flora of Kaiga_ID_Please_15112011 PJ2: Date/Time-:10/10/11 – 16:30
Location- Place, Altitude – Karwar , Uttar Kannada ,Karnataka, 380 mtrs
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- wild
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Shrub

Height/Length- 1m

Vitex sp., may be V. trifolia.


Vitex negundo (Chaste tree) – MN200912:
Vitex negundo (Chaste tree)
Place : Dombivli
Date : 20.09.2012
Growing on the border of paddy field

several points: this may be a vitex, but I doubt that its negundo… the inflorescence is not typical…
will need to wait for expert opinion on the classification…

secondly … vitex negundo is not the chaste tree… no female hormone-like chemicals..
the Vitex vitex is the chaste tree that was grown by franscican and other monks to reduce the testosterone and reduce the urges etc…so that prayers could be focused on.. hence called the chaste tree…
if you once see the flowering and fruiting spikes in the two … you’ll never forget the difference between the two…

Vitex vitex is a tautonym that won’t be allowed in botany (although such names are accepted in Zoology). The plant often so named, and commonly Chaste tree is Vitex agnus-castus. The above plant is not this species which has lateral flower clusters almost sessile so that the whole infl. looks more like a spike and not a panicle. More so it is rare to find 3 leaflets in this species.
Agreed above plant, although having inflorescence of V. negundo, has much different leaves, the leaflets being green on both sides. The plant looks closest to Vitex negundo var. cannabifolia (syn: V. cannabifolia), although distant shot does not show whether leaflets are serrate or not.

to me the inflorescence itself tells me its not vitex negundo… what to do…??/
never seen such squarish looking inflorescence in vitex negundo… until last storm I myself had three vitex negundo shrubs in my yard… originals were identified by botanists at the Hort.
and in decades past had grown vitex agnus-castus (vitex vitex in the nursery trade as it came in labeled.) and the garden below the world trade center also grew masses of them from the same nursery…
this set of pictures to my eyes such as they are not representative of any of the two I have grown myself…
You know I am perfectly willing to learn… but I would need more telling pictures…sorry

Yes … Perhaps … can help with more photographs.


Vitex for ID : Oman : 011012 : AK-1:

Found one more picture of this Vitex which you think could probably be Vitex agnus-costus.
Pictures are taken a long time ago on 19/5/06, a long time before I joined eflora.
The second pictures shows small, round black berries.
Would appreciate its validation.

It look like Vitex negundo

Thanks for a possible id.
Yesterday I had posted Vitex pictures for id.
… and … thought one of the pictures could be of Vitex agnus-costus.
Actually all the pictures are taken at the same location.
Waiting for expert validation.