SYMBIOSIS 172: Attaching an image in which a Chestnut-tailed Starling and an Asiatic Pied Starling are on the fruits of Aralia sp. Attaching two more images for proper identification of the tree. Can it be Aralia cachemirica? There are a few trees in this area.

SYMBIOSIS : 282: Attaching an image of a Redbase Jezebel butterfly on the flowers of a Aralia Sp. During my last seven years’ stay at this place I never noticed butterflies on the flowers of this tree. I recorded number of bird species on the fruits of this small tree. I think I will have to be more observant in future.

SYMBIOSIS : 309: Attaching an image of two Red whiskered Bulbul eating fruits of Aralia Sp.

SYMBIOSIS : 311:  

(1 image). Attaching an image of a Bluethroated Barbet on the fruits of Aralia species.


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