Miscanthus nudipes (Griseb.) Hack., Monogr. Phan. 6: 109 1889. (Syn: Diandranthus aristatus L. Liou; Diandranthus brevipilus (Hand.-Mazz.) L.Liou; Diandranthus corymbosus L.Liou; Diandranthus eulalioides (Keng) L.Liou; Diandranthus nudipes (Griseb.) L.Liou; Diandranthus nudipes subsp. yunnanensis (A.Camus) Ibaragi; Diandranthus szechuanensis (Keng ex S.L.Zhong) L.Liou; Diandranthus taylorii (Bor) L.Liou; Diandranthus tibeticus L.Liou; Diandranthus wardii (Bor) L.Liou [Invalid]; Diandranthus yunnanensis (A.Camus) L.Liou; Erianthus nudipes Griseb.; Miscanthus brevipilus Hand.-Mazz.; Miscanthus eulalioides Keng; Miscanthus eulalioides (Hand.-Mazz.) Keng ex Hand.-Mazz.; Miscanthus nudipes subsp. taylorii (Bor) Y.N.Lee ..; Miscanthus szechuanensis Keng f. ex S.L.Zhong; Miscanthus taylorii Bor; Miscanthus wardii Bor; Miscanthus yunnanensis (A.Camus) Keng);
Nepal to S. Tibet and Assam: Assam, East Himalaya, Nepal, Tibet as per POWO;
Common name: Pink Fairy Grass, Pink Feather Grass


Grass TQ Lachung01:
Unidentified grass seen at Lachung, North Sikkim.
Altitude: 3000 m.
Found flowering in June.
Size: don’t remember
Please identify.

wow! Beautiful flowers. Cant beleive to be Graminae/ grass.
very nice close up.

This grass is most likely Miscanthus nudipes, which is generally found in Eastern Himalayas, at altitudes of 1000-3600 m. Leaf sheaths are hairy in this species.
There is a related more common species, Miscanthus nepalensis which is found both in E. and W. Himalayas, at altitudes of 1900-2800 m, but has yellowish flowers. Leaf sheaths are hairless in this species.
The genus id is from Mr. Krishan Lal. Our plant shows distinctly hairy leaf sheaths.



POWO  Flowers of India

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