Chrysophyllum oliviforme L., Syst. Nat. ed. 10 2: 937 1759. (Syn: Cynodendron oliviforme (L.) Baehni; Dactimala oliviformis (L.) Raf.; Guersentia oliviformis (L.) Raf.);
Mexico (San Luis Potosí, Chiapas), Florida to Caribbean as per WCSP;
Bahamas; Cuba; Dominican Republic; Florida; Haiti; Hawaii; Jamaica; Leeward Is.; Malaya; Mexico Northeast; Mexico Southeast; Puerto Rico; Southwest Caribbean; Turks-Caicos Is.; Windward Is. as per Catalogue of Life;


efloraindia: 191111 BRS182:
Sharing the photo of Chrysophyllum cainito from NBNP, Anaikatti, Coimbatore

Habitat: Garden
Habit: Tree
Fruiting season (Oct. Nov.)

Yes I can see the characteristic golden yellow undersurface of the leaves.

I was waiting for the photograph of this particular tree. This tree is seen in Theosophical society campus,

I think the species is Chrysophyllum oliviforme and not C.cainito.

I agree with … C. cainito has round, about 2″ dia fruits which have star shape segments if cut horizontal (hence called as Star Apple) and are delicious.

Came across this tree (Looks like Cultivated one) in Mumbai. ID pl..
Looks like some sp. of Chrysophyllum??
Family: Sapotaceae??
Date/Time: 28-06-2010 / 06:00PM
Location: Mumbai

Habitat: Looks like cultivated, Garden sp.
Plant Habit: Tree
Height: Tree almost 8 m tall with reasonable good canopy and

Leaves: Alternate, elliptic, 3 to 7cm,  rounded at apex, petiole rusty brown 8 to 10mm, nerves 10 to 14 pairs, leaves shining green above and Golden-brown beneath
Flowers: small in cluster, 5 to 7mm, pedicel 5mm, stamens 5

Chrysophyllum for sure !!
Chrysophyllum oliviforme is the call from me

I concur with … A South Florida native.

Chrysophyllum indeed but I doubt about oliviforme.
I imagine if the apex notch is consistent character or just deformity?

it is hrysophyllum oliviforme–Sapotaceae
Satinleaf, Satin Leaf
Origin: Caribbean

Indeed, the notch did have me wondering as well. The trees I see in Florida do not normally have that leaf tip, but in searching online (for what it is worth), I did see other trees with notched foliage. Perhaps it is a separate species then? I’ll try to do a little more research into this soon.


Chrysophyllum oliviforme L. submission AS25 December21: 9 images.

Chrysophyllum oliviforme L.
Satin Leaf tree
Family – Sapotaceae
Photographed at FRLHT/TDU Garden, Bengaluru, Karnataka
In early December 2021

Superb photos !
I have come across this tree. For me the ID is correct.