Merrillia caloxylon (Ridl.) Swingle, Philipp. J. Sci., C. 13: 337 1919. (syn: Murraya caloxylon Ridl.);
native range is Thailand to Peninsula Malaysia as per POWO;


Rutaceae week: unusual long petal Murraya from Hooghly:

Today i found this Murraya paniculata at Dhaniakhali, famous for its handloom sari, Hooghly. This one is unusually big-sized shrub with flowers having long petals. Leaves are also two to three times bigger than what we see usually. Is it some other species? In addition to this one there was also a usual variety within 6 to 7 feet.
Species : Murraya paniculata ???
Habit & Habitat : big shrub, roadside private garden
Date : 12-05-12, 3.35 p.m.

Place : Dhaniakhali (Hooghly), WB

Flowers appear somewhat similar to Triphasia trifolia also, but it is different.

I checked all species of Murraya but does not seem to match with any one.  Flowers are comparatively longer to any Murrya sp.

I checked all species of Murraya but does not seem to match with anyn one.

Flowers are comparatively longer to any Murrya sp.

Triphasia grandifolia Merr. ??

I too with Murraya paniculata

I am ot sure if this plant can be Triphasia grandifolia Merr.. I could not find much information on the taxon

The only rutaceae member, I think, that comes closer to this species is Merrillia caloxylon !!! But, I know that it can’t be the taxon !!! I do never even think of suggesting it !!!

Yes, some possibility is there as your images look close to it, though very little inf. is there on net including GBIF.
Also see

Also see POWO

I got GBIF specimens on searching at Merrillia caloxylon
Here it also shows specimens from USA, Brazil, Myanmar and Singapore.
So it is possible that it is planted over there.
Pl. check your images with the specimens available.
Also check: Fairfun

Yes, …, not only the flower picture (and I never rely on a single source for determining anything!) that I linked earlier I also checked some of the urls you have referred here,.
And I think the description of the species matches with the one I shared in this thread.

Thank you, this may be Murraya caloxylon Ridl. (accepted name Merrillia caloxylon (Ridl.) Swingle).