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Is it some species of Oxalis? Growing in water?
Without flowers, I cannot ID this, but there is some bright spot in the centre.
Sonepat, Haryana on 2nd May 09.

this one is again a gugly for you.
dear it is not oxalis but Marselia sp. (a pteridophyte not an angiosperm). it doesnt bear flower but sporocarps.

This is a Marsilea sp. Perhaps M. quadrifolia. An aquatic fern. Often taken as a vegetable. A non-flowering plant produces sporocarp.

Well it sometimes takes a long time for later research work to become generally known. First M. quadrifolia does NOT occur in India (apart from some cultures in Universities etc.) – it is mainly a European species, as has been known now since two or three decades. It is distinguished quite easily by the sorocarps arising from a short way up the leaf pedicel, not in the axil where the pedicell meets the basal stem as in Indian species.
All the reports from India, Pakistan etc., which basically go back to 19th Century alpha-taxonomy, turned out on investigation to be either sterile plants – which are unidentifiable – or mistakes.
The usual mistake is for the very widespread and common Indian species, M. minuta (syn.: M. crenata), with the sorocarps arising at the axil. There are two other species in peninsular India, and any number of forms of M. minuta have been described, sometimes as species.

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