Arnebia benthamii (Wall. ex G.Don) I.M.Johnst., J. Arnold Arbor. 35: 56 1954. (Syn: Echium benthamii Wall. ex G.Don (Unresolved); Lithospermum benthamii (Wall. ex G. Don) I.M. Johnst.; Macrotomia benthamii (Wall. ex G. Don) A. DC.);

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Boraginaceae Week: Arnebia benthamii from Paddar valley J&K: Boraginaceae Week:

Bot. name: Arnebia benthamii
Location: Paddar valley J&K.
Altitude: 4000 meters asl
Flowering period: May-June

Boraginaceae Week: Arnebia:  Arnebia benthamii (Wall. ex G. Don) I. M. Johnston, J. Arn. Arb. 35:56. 1954

syn: Echium benthamii Wall. ex G. Don; Macrotomia benthamii (Wall. ex G. Don) A. DC; Lithospermum benthamii (Wall. ex G. Don) I. M. Johnston
Perennial herb with simple stem up to 70 cm tall covered with stiff long hairs; roots thick; leaves linear, basal leaves up to 25 cm long, linear to lanceolate, covered with bristly hairs, upper smaller; flowers red-purple, partially covered with long linear drooping bracts, forming a cylindrical spike; corolla about 25 mm long with spreading lobes; calyx lobes tipped with purple.
Photographed from near Jawahar tunnel and from Kashmir University Botanical Garden.

what a weird shaggy structure, I was wondering it must have taken the botanists of yore a great deal of patience to dissect the flowers etc and study the plant to arrive at this classification………………..