Euphorbia tibetica Boiss., Prodr. 15(2): 114 1862. (Syn: Euphorbia tatarica Jacquem. ex Boiss. [Illegitimate]; Galarhoeus tibeticus (Boiss.) Prokh.; Tithymalus tibeticus (Boiss.) Prokh.);


Habitat – Wild
Location – Hill slopes near village Khardungla, Ladakh
Altitude – Approx 4800 m
Date – June 09, 2011

Perhaps some species of Euphorbia

It is Euphorbia tibetica


Unid from Ladakh TQ-Ladakh-01:
A small herb with almost black tiny flowers, found in Nubra Valley, Ladakh, at around 3100 m above sea level.
To me it appears to belong to Spurge family (Euphorbiaceae).
Please identify.

I have Euphorbia thomsoniana, E. tibetica and E. kanaorica in my collections from Ladakh. E. thomsoniana has much larger leaves, a plant closer to E. wallichii, E. kanaorica looks similar to our plant but has two-horned glands. We can consider E. tibetica because of blackish glands rounded on the outer edge, only I am not too sure about leaves, which should be usually less than 3 cm long and plant usually shorter than 15 cm, a more delicate plant. Perhaps we can explore other species also.

Perhaps may tally. For your consideration.

Euphorbia tibetica shows dichotomous branching pattern but is not clear in the picture. … if you remeber its habit than you can go for it

I think Euphorbia tibetica seems to agree well. Leaf size is also within what … says. Somewhat fleshiness of Euphorbia tibetica also agrees with our plant.


Euphorbia tibetica: 12 images- 6 high res.
Taken on the way to Nubra valley (10000 ft.) from Khardung La (17800 ft.) on 16.6.22.




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