Buglossoides arvensis (L.) I. M. Johnst., J. Arnold Arbor. 35: 42 1954. (syn: Aegonychon arvense (L.) S.F.Gray; Buglossoides arvensis f. cyanea R. Fernandes; Buglossoides arvensis subsp. occidentalis J. do Amaral Franco; Lithospermum arvense L.; Lithospermum arvense var. punctatum Batt.; Lithospermum bicolor Bertol.; Lithospermum medium Chev.; Lithospermum minus Gilib.; Lithospermum rochelii Friv.; Lithospermum rugosum Lucé; Margarospermum arvense (L.) Decne.; Rhytispermum arvense (L.) Link; Rhytispermum medium Fourr.);

Lithospermum arvense (Field Gromwell, Corn Gromwell, Bastard Alkanet) is a flowering plant of the family Boraginaceae. It is also known as Buglossoides arvensis.[1]  It is native to Europe and Asia, as far north as Korea, Japan and Russia, and as far south as Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.[1] It is known in other places as an introduced species, including much of North America and Australia.[2][3] The European Union has granted the refined oil of the seed of Buglossoides arvensis novel food status and some farmers are growing it.[4]
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Botaginaceae Week: Lithospermum arvense from Pampore, Kashmir:   Lithospermum arvense L, Sp. Pl. 1: 132. 1753.

Syn: Buglossoides arvensis (Linnaeus) I. M. Johnston
Annual herb up to 30 cm tall with oblanceolate to linear leaves up to 4 cm long, rough hairy; flowers white to light blue, in terminal cymes elongating to 10 cm or more; calyx lobes erect, linear up to 6 mm long in fruit, hardened at base; corolla throat without scales but with bands of hairs; nutlets brown, finally tuberculate.

Photographed from Pampore, Kashmir.


Buglossoides tenuiflora: 1 high res. image.

Flowers:whitish in colour. 
Leaf possess white hairs along margins and on surface. 

Location:Ganderbal, Jammu and Kashmir.

Only photo of Habit especially lower portion of plant can confirm. Moreover this species is found below 1400 m altitude, whereas altitude of Ganderbal is 1600 m

Plants weak, stem solitary or little branched. Calyx hairs whitish. Nutlets barely bigibbous    Buglossoides arvensis
+Plants ± robust, stem generally branched from the base. Calyx hairs yellowish. Nutlets distinctly bigibbous Buglossoides tenuiflora

May I request you to show the side view and post other images, to check the details.
The posted image has been incorporated in FOI as Buglossoides tenuiflora along with other images from … (which were posted as Buglossoides arvensis (L.) I. M. Johnst. by him on efloraofindia as per details herein).
Buglossoides tenuiflora does not have distribution in India as per Flora of Pakistan and POWO and also looks different. 
I think the posted plant may be Buglossoides arvensis as per POWOipmimagesnutraingredientsGo Botanywild seedMissouri Plants,

Have a look on this sir.

It is almost the same image. Does not give the side view.

I mean to say that this sp has been already reported from! Kashmir

I will. Also go with B.arvensis.