Decalepidanthus moltkioides (Royle) Dickoré & Hilger (Basionyn: Anchusa moltkioides Royle ≡ Myosotis moltkioides (Royle) Royle ≡ Lithospermum moltkioides (Royle) Decne. in Jacquemont ≡ Mertensia moltkioides (Royle) Clarke ≡ Pseudomertensia moltkioides (Royle) Kazmi ; Syn: Lithospermum ovalifolium Decne. in Jacquemont ≡ Pseudomertensia ovalifolium (Decne.) Bennet ≡ Eritrichium nemorosum A.DC. in Candolle [non Eritrichium ovalifolium (Wall.) Candolle]. ≡ Mertensia ovalifolia (Decne.) Brand in Engler [non Mertensia ovalifolia (DC.) Brand in Engler (1931: 199) ≡ Trigonotis ovalifolia (Wall.) Benth. ex Clarke (1883: 172)] ≡ Mertensia nemorosa (A.DC.) Johnston (1956: 305) ≡ Pseudomertensia nemorosa (A.DC.) R.R.Stewart & Kazmi in Kazmi; = ?Mertensia moltkioides var. thomsonii Clarke) as per Decalepidanthus (Boraginaceae) includes and antedates Pseudomertensia; a synopsis of the genus (2015);




Boraginaceae Week: Pseudomertensia moltkioides from Paddar valley J&K:

Bot. name: Pseudomertensia moltkioides
Location: Paddar valley J&K
Altitude: 3500 meters asl
Flowering: June-July


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Please help in the ID of this plant.

Khilanmarg_Gulmarg (Kashmir), 3700 m

please confirm ID as Pseudomertensia moltkioides Kazmi.

This link will be useful, I hope.

Agrees well with my specimen of Mertensia tibetica Clarke now considered a synonym of Pseudomertensia moltkioides var. moltkioides, collected from Apharwat Kashmir,   

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Decalepidanthus (Boraginaceae) includes and antedates Pseudomertensia; a synopsis of the genus– W. Bernhard Dickoré, Hartmut H. Hilger- Phytotaxa 226 (2): 131–143 (2015)