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Boraginaceae Week: Solenanthus circinnatus from Dachhigam Kashmir: Solenanthus circinnatus Ledeb., Fl. Alt. 1:194. 1829.

syn: Solenanthus petiolares DC. 
A perennial herb whose basal leaves can often be missed with a Rumex; basal leaves oblong to oblanceolate reaching up to 40 cm in length on long petioles; upper leaves sessile, amplexicaul, smaller; flowers pale pink to red in loosely paniculate circinnate inflorescence; calyx 3-4 mm long; corolla lobes short, tube 4-5 mm long; nutlets 5-6 mm long, ovoid, slightly concave with marginal glochids.
Very common in Dachhigam forest as undergrowth. Photographed in May, 2012.


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