Microtoena patchoulii (C.B.Clarke ex Hook.f.) C.Y.Wu & S.J.Hsuan, Acta Phytotax. Sin. 10: 44 1965. (Syn: Microtoena cymosa Prain; Microtoena insuavis Prain ex Dunn [Illegitimate]; Plectranthus patchoulii C.B.Clarke ex Hook.f.);



Unid TQ-Manipur-02: A herb from Manipur. Found flowering in November. Not much other information available.
An unconfirmed local name suggested a Pogostemon species, but I doubt that.
Identify please.

Looks like some Salvia sp. How about S. nubicola?

Not Salvia nubicola, not even Salvia I think

Salvia nubicola is found above 2100 m. Manipur is only about 800 m.

The plant is not Salvia nubicola. I am sure that the plant is (Microtoena patchoulii Clarke ex Hook.) Wu & Hsuan