Xylocarpus granatum J. Koenig, Naturforscher 20: 2 2 1784. (Syn: Amoora salomoniensis C. DC.; Carapa carnosula (Zoll. & Mor.) Kurz; Carapa granatum (Koenig) Alston; Carapa indica A.Juss.; Carapa obovata Bl.; Granatum obovatum (Bl.) Kuntze; Guarea oblongifolia Griff.; Monosoma littorata Griff.; Xylocarpus benadirensis Mattei; Xylocarpus carnulosus Zoll. & Moritzi; Xylocarpus minor Ridl.; Xylocarpus obovatus (Bl.) A. Juss.);    
New Caledonia (incl. Loyalty Isl.), Australia (N-Western Australia, Northern
Territory, N-Queensland), Java, Bismarck Arch., Sumatra, Thailand, Vietnam,
Lesser Sunda Isl., Borneo, Sulawesi, Moluccas, New Guinea, Philippines (Luzon to
Mindanao), Palawan, Solomons, Sri Lanka, Fiji (incl. Vanua Balavu & Lakeba
Islands), peninsular Malaysia (all coasts), Singapore, Micronesia (Yap, Truk,
Moen, Dublon, Tol, Fefan, Udot, Pohnpei, Kosrae), Palau Isl. (Babeldaob, Koror),
Tonga (Tongatapu, Vava’u), Andaman Isl. (North Andaman Isl., Middle Andaman
Isl., South Andaman Isl., Little Andaman Isl.), Nicobar Isl. (Car Nicobar Isl.,
North Nicobar Isl., Central Nicobar Isl., Great Nicobar Isl., Little Nicobar
Isl.), Myanmar [Burma] (Ayeyarwady, Rakhine, Taninthayi), India (West Bengal,
Orissa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Daman & Diu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka,
Tamil Nadu, Kerala), Bangladesh, China (Hainan), Seychelles, S-Somalia,
SE-Kenya, NE-Tanzania, Comores (Mayotte, etc.), Madagascar, Mozambique
as per Catalogue of Life;
India: W. Bengal, Orissa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Daman & Diu, Andhra Pradesh, Kamataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Occurs along muddy seacoasts; Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka as per BSI Flora of India;

sending the photograph of Xylocarpus granatum from Bhitarkanika
Name of the species: Xylocarpus granatum
Family: Meliaceae
Place of collection: Bhitarkanika, Kendrapada, Odisha
Habit: Tree
Habitat: Wild, Wet evergreen forest
We have three species of Xylocarpus in Odisha. Xylocarpus granatum, Xylocarpus moluccensis and Xylocarpus mekongensis. All are under different categories of protection under IUCN.

Xylocarpus is one of the important species used for “Revitalization of Pancreas” traditionally but unfortunately modern experts have not done much work on it. I have written a lot on its different aspects.
Google search for “Revitalization of pancreas”
Missing its local names in Bhitarkanika, Trying to ask from my contacts there.

The local name of this species in Odiya is SISHUMARA.

Pitamari is another name given in reference literature but if I am not wrong both names are not common in Bhitarkanika. Natives name it from its fruit i.e. phal.

PITAMARI is the Odiya name of Xylocarpus gangeticus/X.moluccensis. SISHUMARA is the local name of X.granatum.

This link says that Pitamari is X.granatum
It also mentions Shishumar.

the link might be showing wrong local name. I have spent 2 years with mangroves of Bhitarkanika and almost visited all parts of the island which include participatory survey and resource mapping with local people. i have also published a paper in Ethnobotany about Medicinal uses of Mangroves. But never heard of this name for X. granatum. U might be right. But i never heard during my 2 year survey. It might be due to the same genus and 2 different species, thus the local name got mixed up. I am attaching my paper for ur reference where we clearly wrote on Sishumar and its uses.

Attachments (1)- Ethnobotany.pdf- 1 MB

Thanks for sharing your work. Excellent documentation.
Sishumar or Soons is Sanskrit name for Dolphins. We have naval vessel of Sishumar series. It will be interesting to explore that why X.granatum is associated with Sishumar i.e Dolphin. In Sunderbans Gangetic Dolphins and X.granatum share same habitat.
Sishumar kand, Sishumar bela, Sishumar booti, Sishumar kanda, Sishumar telia and so on are names present in my medicinal plant database. Many are associated with Dolphin and many are not.
Sishu means infant and Mar means to kill. Many herbs used as infant killers or many times for abortion are named as Sishumar. Not sure whether Dolphins and Xylocarpus are real Sishumar in this sense.
These days Jatropha curcas is coming in category of Sishumar herbs as it has taken lives of atleast 10 kids and sent thousands to hospitals as cases of accidental Jatropha poisoning.




Fruit for Id ( from Sundarban) – ID17022018SH2 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

Fruit of a mangrove for Id pl.
Location – Sundarban, West Bengal

Date – Nov. 2017

Xylocarpus granatum





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zy-lo-KAR-pus — woody fruitDave’s Botanary
gran-AH-tum — many seedsDave’s Botanary
commonly known as: apple mangrove, cannonball mangrove, cedar mangrove, Malay karapa, puzzlenut treeBengali: ধুন্দল dhundulMarathi: कर्पा karpaOdia: ପୀତାମାରି pitamariTamil: சொன்முந்திரி conmuntiri, கண்டலங்காய் kantalankayTelugu: చెనుగ chenuga
botanical names: Xylocarpus granatum K.D.Koenig … synonyms: Amoora salomoniensis C.DC. • Carapa granatum (Koenig) Alston • Carapa obovata Bl. • Granatum obovatum (Bl.) Kuntze • Xylocarpus granatum J.Koenig … status at GBIF 
July 10, 2011 … Sindhudurg