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Grass for identification from Jamnagar, Gujrat:
Here I am posting the photos of the grass for identification.
I found this grass in an area prone to water logging (though there was no water) – a kind of a large depression in Jamnagar, Gujarat. I have seen this grass growing in other places in Jamnagar where water logging is not a problem. It also monopolizes certain area or found in clusters. Not seen near Sea side.
A hardy species with strong stem. Cannot be easily pulled or broken off. Height about 2-2.5m when fully grown. Inflorescence resembles like stem of a xerophyte.

this one is Ophiuros exaltatus

These photographs of Ophiuros exaltatus..



Ophiuros exaltatus (L.) Kuntze SN Nov20 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (4)
Ophiuros exaltatus (L.) Kuntze (= Rottboellia exaltata (L.) L.f.),
erect tall grass, with sharp trichomes on the sheath, from Krishnagiri dt, Tamilnadu