It seems M. dioica, M. cochinchinensis and M. subangulata subsp. renigera are much confused, although they are quite distinct in flowers and fruits. All three share a large bract at the base of flower (tip of peduncle) and male and female flowers on different plants.

Based on flower the three can be differentiated in that flowers of dioica are yellow, without dark spots (nectaries) at the base of corolla, whereas remaining two have distinct dark dots at the base of pale yellow to nearly white corolla. The corolla lobes of M. cochinchinensis are pointed at tip, they are obtuse or rounded at tip.
The fruits of dioica and M. subangulata are narrowed distinctly towards tip, whereas they are rounded at ends in M. cochinchinensis, in which the spines are not that dense, fruit larger mostly longer than 8 cm, turning yellow and finally red. In M. dioica fruits are smaller, usually shorter than 6 cm densely covered with longer spines. In M. subangulata there are two subspecies, subangulata with longitudinal ridges, no spines, surface totally smooth, and subsp. renigera with tubercles present and in longitudinal rows, surface more or less spinescent if ridges are present.




Momordica for ID 14092011: Repeat post since there was no conclusion. Large dioecious climber spreading to 10 mts, stems quadrangular, grooved; tendrils simple. Leaves membranous, glabrous, 10 -12 cm, orbicular-ovate, deeply cordate, acuminate, coarsely serrate. Flowers (seen only female) solitary on axillary peduncles 15-20 cm long; corolla 10-12 cm, pale orange-yellow; stigmas 3. Fruits not seen but unfertilised reddish ovaries with rough projections seen.

If this is momordica subangulata… its an interesting vegetable I ate in Thailand… looks like 3 way cross between Parval, Turia and Kantola (all gujarati names) (in Bengali the 3 are called Patol, Jinge and Kankrol resp) .. bland taste…
I would be interested in know if it also grows and fruits in India … was his wild or planted…


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