Pic taken on 31st March 2011. @ 15.07
This very naked tree was in LLoyds Botanic Garden. Gantok. West Bengal.
It had no label.
I could not tell if the trees bark had been stripped deliberately or not.
Underneath was just amazing, it was so beautifully soft. Very tactile. A bit like Suede in texture.
Sorry I did not manage to take the leaves, as a torrential downpour drove us into the immaculately maintained greenhouse.
Maybe someone on this forum will visit the Botanic Garden and could ask for the name of this tree. Or possibly even know the people how work in the herbarium.
Habitat-…. Botanic Garden
Plant Habit-…. Tree
Other info…. None! Sorry.

Oh, I imagine what I should look here to id.
Do you have pics of leaves by any chance?

It could be Lagerstroemia microcarpa? endemic tree to the Western Ghats.
Since this is from a Botanical Garden. my guess L. microcarpa

Interesting. Thank you for that suggestion. I wondered whether its bark had been striped off for a purpose, like cork on a Quercus suber.


Id for tree Arbor AG: Please ID this tree

Date: 29/6/11

time: 7:30 AM
Place: Chandigarh
Temperature: 31 degrees max
Habit-medium sized tree
Leaves- thick leathery, soft, glabrous, somewhat resembling those of Terminalia myriocarpa but the tree is smaller and leaves without any leaf base nectary as is the case with the T myriocarpa, veins yellowish, prominent, petiole short, leaf base as shown.
Bark- somewhat flaky, greyish or ash coloured.
No other data is available as of now. the tree is yet to flower and fruit i suppose. however, no buds were observed.

the leaves remind me Holarrhena pubescens… though the shape of crown looks different.
Leaves of Terminalia myriocarpa have crenate-serrate (?) margin and the lateral nerves more closely parallel than they appear in this picture.

Very difficult to id, with clear leaves photo,, May be Lagerstroemia sp? flower photo should solve the problem..