Bupleurum jucundum Kurz, J. Bot. 5: 240 1867. (Syn: Bupleurum heterophyllum Jacquem. ex C.B.Clarke; Bupleurum panacifolium Hornem. ex Steud.);
NW-India (W-Himalaya), Pakistan (Hazara), Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir) as per Catalogue of life;


Plant for ID from Paddar valley J&K. 151211 SRANA 03: Attachments (1)

Kindly identify the plant.
Date: 2nd August 2011.
Location: Paddar valley district Kishtwar J&K.
Altitude: 3100 meters asl.
Plant height: 50-60 cms
Habit/Habitat: Wild herb.

Bupleurum jucundum



Saw these along the Gobindghat-Ghangaria trail, Uttarakhand in Aug 2018.
The 2 pics belong to different locations but they resembled pics of Bupleurum gracilimum in efi.
Is it possible to ID them based on these pics?

To me two looks different.

It is better to leave them unided.  

1st image may be of Bupleurum hamiltonii N.P.Balakr. and 2nd of Bupleurum jucundum Kurz as per images, details and references herein.




Kindly id this Bupleurum species shot from the valley…I have tentatively identified this as B. falcatum….is it right…

Not B. falcatum … in which leaves are narrowed towards base. It is perhaps B. jucundum as leaves are amplexicaul. Please also rule out B. rotundifolium if you have more photographs (leaves are perfoliate in that).