Cassia renigera Benth. (Syn: Cassia javanica subsp. renigera Benth.); 

KASS-ee-uh — from an ancient Greek name kasia used by Dioscorides
ray-NEE-ger-uh — kidney shaped

commonly known as: Burmese pink cassia, Burmese senna, common pink cassia, deciduous cassia, pink shower, velvet cassia • Marathi: गुलाबी बहावा gulabi bahava, गुलाबी कॅशिया gulabi cashia

Native of: Myanmar

As as per efi thread :

The following three species with similar flowers all have filaments swollen in the middle.
Their Keys:
1a. Ovary glabrous, leaflets oblong, densely velvety, tip mucronate; leafy
bracts at base of each flower; stipules large leafy…………………………….Cassia renigera
1b. Ovary hairy………………………………………………………………………………..(2)
2a. Stipules 5 mm long, linear, not leafy, leaflets acute, glabrous beneath;
petals pink, fading to yellow-pink or white………………………………………Cassia nodosa
2b. Stipules 12-15 mm long, leafy, lealets usually obtuse, silky beneath;
petals pink, turning dark red, fading to white………………………………….Cassia javanica  

images by Dinesh Valke




Fabaceae-Caesalpinioideae (Caesalpiniaceae) :: Cassia renigera at VJBU: Cassia renigera Benth.

KASS-ee-uh — from an ancient Greek name kasia used by Dioscorides
ray-NEE-ger-uh — kidney shaped
Aug 12, 2007 … at Veermata Jeejabai Bhosale Udyan, Mumbai
commonly known as: Burmese pink cassia, Burmese senna, common pink cassia, deciduous cassia, pink shower, velvet cassia • Marathi: गुलाबी बहावा gulabi bahava, गुलाबी कॅशिया gulabi cashia
Native of: Myanmar
more views: Aug 12, 2007 … at Veermata Jeejabai Bhosale Udyan, Mumbai



Pink Cassia : Leafbirth: It is difficult to escape the allure of a Pink Cassia in flower but I found myself quietly smitten with the snug beauty of the new foliage 😉

Sharing some pictures of a Pink Cassia sprouting baby leaves with large stipules in Kandivali [North Mumbai]. The last two are mine and the first is clicked by my friend .. to whom I owe my initiation into occasional photography. 

The flowers of this Cassia javanica L. are really beautiful. 

I don’t have satisfactory pictures of the flowers yet but have attached a couple [one of the three swollen stamens is broken in these shots]. 

I think it should be Cassia renigera Benth. as per keys & images herein.

Cassia with swollen filaments SMP MAY2016/7 : 11 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (7) 

I am posting this plant again for review of proper ID
This Cassia tree flowers in Pune city around this time (May every year). Most Cassia trees flowering at this time show almost same botanical characters apart from some colour variations.
I referred the Key provided by … to come to conclusion which I am still finding difficult.
Will describe some observations first
1. Big tree 10 meters approx.
2. Leaves compound. Leaflets 9-12 pairs opposite.
3. Leaflet size 3-5cm x 1-2 cm
    Surface velvetty. Petiole 2 cm Petolule 2-3 mm. Apex Acute/ Obtuse Pl. opine
4. Stipules ? Leafy 5mm x 15 mm. ? reniform?
5. Basal leaves of the branches were lacking the stipules while all the apical branches had it
6. Calyx segments 5 Red
7. Corolla 5 segments alternating with calyx segments. Mostly 2.5 cm
8. Gynoecium 2.5 cm sickle shaped not glabrous( May be pubescent) with stigma red in colour.
9. Peduncle of flower 3 cm. Racemes with a lot many bracts and ?bracteoles.
10. Stamens 3 sets a) 3 small b) 4 medium c) 3 long stamens 2.5 cm dark yellow with a nodule in the centre of the filament of size 3 mm
We have 3 known species of Pink Cassias with nodule in the filament.
I found some character of each species in my below mentioned tree.
a) Reniform stipules pointing to Cassia renigera but they should be more than 2.5 cm as per the key
Here they are less than 2 cm broad to rule out C. renigera
Now 2 species remain Cassia javanica ssp. javanica and
                                     Cassia javanica ssp. nodosa.
The differentiating key is based on size of stipule and tip of leaflets and calyx colours.
Apart from tip which appears acute to me all 3 characters for Cassia javanica ssp javanica are matching here :: Stipule > 5mm leafy(In fact 15 mm) Calyx red. Petals were 2.5 cm
The colour of petals is white a feature more of C.javanica ssp nodosa
Please help in concluding.
My mind now says that it is Cassia javanica ssp. javanica.

Kidney shaped stipules, velvety leaflets, glabrous ovary are enough to separate it as C. renigera.

Stipule length may be 15-25 mm, I will change in the key. 

Thanks … This is what I like . Experience. 

Which characters to be given importance the most. 
Once again Thank you so much 

On close observation of different pictures on Cassia site I found one important character which may turn out to be useful in forming a key.
In Cassia javanica it seems to be red throughout whereas in Cassia renigera it is green in most part whereas the terminal part including stigma is red in colour.
I request all of you to check this coloration along with colour of calyx in all your pictures.

good idea, … i will for my cases that i have. thanks


so how would we judge… unless we all carry a color checker card

to really authenticate the red, oranges etc

just a thought

Not exact colour but definitely we can distinguish whether it is red or green. It is that gross. That’s why important. You will get the either of the two

you are right about the gross difference.

i was still lamenting my roselle pictures a few months ago

i try every year and never do i get the correct color of the flower
now i am convinced its not just the pigment in the petals
it must also be something do with uv absorption and reflection
i do not know how to test  it at home without any equipment or special filters and special lighting etc. hence that was on my mind but never mind. back to this cassia question. yes you are right

Much of the confusion between these species of pink Cassias may also be due to hybridisation which has occurred over many years. I have observed several trees which display mixed characters and are very difficult to pin down.
In the book entitled Some Beautiful Indian Trees by Blatter and Millard it is stated that the style of Cassia javanica is green. Also, in C. renigera there are usually from 10 – 20 pairs of leaflets.
My guess is that the posted plant is Cassia nodosa, but I may well be wrong. See the shape and nos. of leafets as well as the colour of the flower.
Attaching a paper from the Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1940, which you might find interesting.

Attachments (1) – Cassia paper.pdf- 1 MB  

Thanks for the feedback …  Will certainly go through it.

Requesting to please ID this Cassia captured in Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai in May 2013.

Seems Cassia javanica.

I can see the 3 lower stamens yellow in colour with distinct nodes on it.

Most likely Cassia javanica var. nodosa.

Thank you … for the ID and also for pointing out the distinguishing character.

I think it is closer to Cassia renigera Benth. as per keys herein.




Cassia for ID : 230711 : AK-2: Again taken at Pune, Maharashtra on 16/6/2007.
At a private garden, about 15-20 feet in height. A cultivated tree.

Looks like Cassia javanica. .. will probably confirm for you.

Looks more like C.renigera (burmese pink Cassia). Note the stamens of unequal length and the swellings on the filaments. However, you may please send more pictures of the flowers/ inflorescence and foliage and enable the the members of e-flora to identify quickly.

I too think that this could be C. javanica

Voting for cassia javanica subsp. renigera.
As earlier said, the stamens have a swelling in the middle.


Cassia grandis from Pune: Cassia grandis in full blooom z a spectacular sight.
near Vetal hill ( SB rd), Pune.
Date- 21/04/12.

This is Cassia javanica L. and not Cassia grandis L.f.

to me it is C. javanica and not C. grandis..
in C. javanica flowers are Pinkish white which i can easily see in the photograph…

I feel it should be Cassia renigera Benth. as per keys & images herein.

images by Dr. Satish Phadke


Cassia javanica :: Pune. 20May 2013 :  Attachments (7).  3 posts by 3 authors

Attaching some pictures of Cassia javanica from Pune (Aundh to University road)
Photos not of very good quality as they were taken in the afternoon in scorching sun with 42 degree temp. Tried to mainly capture botanical characters.

Identification based on the lower three stamens with nodes on it.

Not aware of the variety/subspecies…..

It should be Cassia javanica subsp. nodosa as per discussions therein.

It should be Cassia javanica L. only as keys herein.

Sorry. After taking stipules into consideration, I feel it should be Cassia renigera Benth. as per keys & images herein.



Cassia for ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 080712 : AK-2:  Pictures taken in Lalbagh, Bangalore on 15/4/12.

A medium tree with pink flowers.

This should be Cassia javanica….

With round swellings on the filaments of 3 stamens It is Cassia javanica. As the tree has no spiny remnants on trunk it could be more precisely A. javanica var. indochinensis (earlier Cassia javanica ssp. nodosa). 

Can it be Cassia renigera Benth. as per keys & images herein (due to mucronate leaflets) ?

No comments .



Fabaceae – Caesalpinioideae – ID reqd – 091211 – RK2: Pics taken on 14-06-09 at 8.30 am in Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore. Request species ID.

do you have the tree pic…

The tree looks like Cassia renigera. But, cannot confirm before checking the characteristics of the flower (floral arrangement). Therefore, please check the details.



Ornamental Cassia For ID : Muscat : 020613 : AK-3 : Attachments (2).  2 posts by 2 authors.

Another ornamental Cassia seen at a plant nursery here on 3/9/2010.

Flowers bigger, not many.
Only a few bunches on the Cassia tree

I think closer to Cassia renigera Benth.



Pink Cassias ? : 12 posts by 7 authors. Attachments (5)
ID Please.

Again Pink Cassia

I think this is Cassia javanica

This in Pink Cassia [Cassia javanica]

Cassia javanica

Is this flower of the same species? The flowers are a lighter shade but blooming in such profusion in Chennai now.

I feel it should be Cassia renigera Benth. as per keys & images herein.

I do not know about the species, but there are a couple of shades that I have. I had sent the pictures of the dark pink, however, I have the lighter coloured one too.

the double shaded flower variety of Cassia looks like Cassia nodosa. Please let the expert’ s judge it.

I feel it should be Cassia renigera Benth. as per keys & images herein.

Red Cassia (02/06/10 NJ) : 7 posts by 7 authors. Attachments (3)
Red Cassia Cassia javanica from Chandigarh.

Yes … this is Cassia javanica I saw it in Chhindwara (M.P.) when I was posted there.

Good picture.

Please explain the difference in this Cassia and C. nodosa.

If I am not wide off the mark nodosa is much lighter shade of pink than javanica.

I feel it should be Cassia renigera Benth. as per keys & images herein.