Lomelosia speciosa (Royle) Soják, Sborn. Nár. Mus. Praze, Rada B, Rrír. Vedy 43(1): 58 1987. (Syn: Scabiosa speciosa Royle);
Images by Alok Mahendroo (ID- Suresh Rana and Gurcharan Singh)



Pangi id al080911: A beautiful flower found in Pangi

Location Pangi, Himachal
Altitude 3000 mts
Habit herb
Habitat wild
Plant height 12-14 inches

This appears to be a species of Knautia.

It looks quite close to Knautia arvensis, the ‘Gypsy rose’… but I am just referring the wiki…

I am quite sure.. that it is Knautia sp…. but as to the species… I don’t think it is K. arvensis… but could be K. longifolia… maybe our specialists would like to comment…

I have also found the same plant in Paddar valley J&K. Can this plant be Scabiosa speciosa
Kindly have a look on thr below links.

… is I hope right

If it is a wild plant at 300m alt., it should be Scabiosa speciosa