Oxytropis pusilla Bunge;
Common name: Tiny Locoweed
China (N); Xizang Zizhiqu as per ILDIS;







Unid from Ladakh – TQ-Ladakh-04: Very tiny violet-blue wild flowers, shaped like pea-flowers.

Enroute to Nubra Valley, Ladakh. Altitude above 3000 m.
In the jumble I can’t figure out the leaves of the plant.
Please identify

Looks like Oxytropis, I will try to go further.

Oxytropis pusilla is found in Ladakh.
The description seems to agree with our flowers – sepals are linear covered with long black hairs. However, our flowers appear to be somewhat smaller than what Flora of China indicates. Any comments?

Perhaps leaves would have helped further. O. tatarica could also be considered.


I am attaching a crop of the picture showing what I think are the leaves.

Yes …, if the long linear to linear-lanceolate, almost glabrous, distant leaflets belong to this plant only, then your identification Oxytropis pusilla seems most logical, and O. tatarica is ruled out.

Ladakh flora 17 up. id pl : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

Id of the plant in Hemis sanctuary.

Oxytropis or possibly Astragalus. Seems quite distinctive but as explained before these are large genera, several of which I am uncertain about – shall look into this when time permits.

Would welcome suggestions in the mean-time.

Oxytropis pusilla Bunge !



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