Caralluma species;



Caralluma sp: this plant has peculiar habits! notice how the stems start pushing into the soil and then out through the waterhole! i found this very interesting..

id help appreciated

Excellent some species of Euphorbiaceae, I think peculiar feature is due t its xeric habit where the stem push into the soil to modify itself into roots and then emerges out.

This is some species of Caralluma (Apocynaceae) not Euphorbiaceae.

Yes Caralluma speies of Apocynaceae
Very interesting plants.
But from this pictures I cant to prdict the ID. We can wait for flowerin.
Check the underground rhizome colour is. If white then there is an possibility for C.indica.
I have some nice collection of Carallumas. I upload now.

So …, if one takes out these plants from the pots and washes away the soil… there would be a segment of the stem buried itself LOOK grossly and microscopically like a root and “secondary” rootlets?,
and then as it emerges out ..tuns green and develops microscopic characteristics of stem again?

I am not sure how they will look microscopically but presumably you will find adventitious roots growing from the stem.

So, …, may be it could be a MS student ‘s summer project the first year.. would be a nice paper… 
are there root specific enzymes or proteins that would manifest?

I think it more to do with plant hormone … eventually proteins will play some role but hormone is the primary

effecter. You never know anything can be a good project .

aaah, but microscopically that is very different from a stem!!!
and the process of transformation must mean something…
lets see what an enterprising young mind comes up creatively…
I think we need creative imaginative advisors also in this country…
should not accept “simple” facts…