Elaeodendron species As per efi thread;




Cassine species: I would very much appreciate seeing a picture of a ripe fruit of a species of Cassine. The colour and shape is very diagnostic of the species.

Also check if you find any fruit image at efi site links:
Found these images of cassine fruits in the net –
  1. http://www.sgaptownsville.org.au/Elaeodendron-melanocarpum.html
  2. http://keys.trin.org.au/key-server/data/0e0f0504-0103-430d-8004-060d07080d04/media/Html/taxon/Elaeodendron_melanocarpum.htm
  3. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Elaeodendron_melanocarpum_fruit.jpg
  4. http://mangrovestomountains.com/gallery_elaeodendron_australe.html
  5. http://www.flickr.com/photos/31031835@N08/3443669421/

Thank you very much. I am specifically very much hoping for photos of fruiting specimens of Cassine albens (which are better known as Cassine glauca), Cassine paniculata, and Cassine grossa. See Kostermans in Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore, 39: 177-191 (1986) Title: Notes on Asiatic Cassine)). As well as Cassine kedernarthii published later. Any additional photos of the flowers and leaves too will be appreciated.

It appears to me that the net doesn’t offer much images of ripe cassine fruits. However will give it a try one more time.

There have been many nice photos of Cassine here on efloraofindia. Since the size, shape and the colour of the fruit is so very diagnostic of the individual species in the genus, I am very much hoping that new photos with ripe fruit could be posted of the same plant or population as the original. The fruit take a long time to ripen.

I have never seen any Cassine species. Certainly will upload and send a copy whenever i find one. Meanwhile, i hope my friends would be able to post some ripe fruits in near future.


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