Bothriochloa bladhii (Retz.) S.T.Blake, Proc. Roy. Soc. Queensland 80: 62 1969. (Syn: Amphilophis glabra (Roxb.) Stapf .; Amphilophis haenkei (J.Presl) Haines; Amphilophis insculpta var. vegetior (Hack.) Stapf; Amphilophis intermedia (R.Br.) Stapf .; Amphilophis odorata (Lisboa) A.Camus; Anatherum glabrum (Roxb.) Schult.; Anatherum montanum (Roxb.) Schult.; Andropogon annulatus var. bladhii (Retz.) Hack.; Andropogon bladhii Retz.; Andropogon caucasicus Trin.; Andropogon glaber Roxb. .; Andropogon haenkei J.Presl; Andropogon intermedius R.Br. …….; Andropogon inundatus F.Muell.; Andropogon leptanthus Steud.; Andropogon modestus Backer; Andropogon montanus Roxb.; Andropogon odoratus Dna.Lisboa; Andropogon perfossus Nees & Meyen ex Steud. [Invalid]; Andropogon pertusus var. vegetior Hack.; Andropogon punctatus Roxb.; Andropogon punctatus Trin.; Andropogon vachellii Nees ex Hook. & Arn. .; Bothriochloa anamitica Kuntze; Bothriochloa bladhii subsp. glabra (Roxb.) B.K.Simon .; Bothriochloa caucasica (Trin.) C.E.Hubb.; Bothriochloa glabra (Roxb.) A.Camus …; Bothriochloa haenkei (C.Presl) Ohwi; Bothriochloa insculpta var. vegetior (Hack.) C.E.Hubb.; Bothriochloa intermedia (R.Br.) A.Camus …; Bothriochloa inundata (F.Muell.) J.M.Black; Bothriochloa modesta (Backer) Backer & Henrard; Bothriochloa odorata (Lisboa) A.Camus; Bothriochloa punctata (Roxb.) L.Liou; Capillipedium parviflorum var. montanum (Roxb.) Roberty; Chrysopogon strictus (Nees) B.D.Jacks. [Invalid]; Dichanthium bladhii (Retz.) Clayton; Dichanthium caucasicum (Trin.) S.K.Jain & Deshp.; Dichanthium glabrum (Roxb.) S.K.Jain & Deshp. .; Dichanthium intermedium (R.Br.) de Wet & Harlan [Invalid]; Dichanthium odoratum (Lisboa) S.K.Jain & Deshp.; Lepeocercis bladhii (Retz.) Nees ex Steud. [Invalid]; Rhaphis stricta Nees; Sorghum caucasicum (Trin.) Griseb.; Sorghum intermedium (R.Br.) Kuntze .; Sorghum montanum (Roxb.) Kuntze);

I am sorry that i could not get any data on this grass, for i was in a hurry to catch a train in order to return home after a hectic day.
Species : UNKNOWN
Habit & Habitat : about 2.5 feet tall, hispid (?) node, beside railway track, facing agri-land
Date : 1/8/12, 5.43 P.M.

Place : Hooghly

Bothriochloa bladhii (Retz.) S.T.Blake, also known as Bothriochloa intermedia

Thank you for the ID of this grass. I searched for more info after getting the ID from you –
Two documents, one at – CABI and the other at – Book link, do mention that this grass can be found in West Bengal.
Also an image of the Bothriochloa bladhii is available at –


Hooghly last week : Grass – Bothriochloa bladhii (Retz.) S.T.Blake ? :  Attachments (10).  3 posts by 2 authors.
This seems to be the same grass as in – efi thread


Need help with grass id from near moist places (purplish flowers): 3 high resolution images.
Satpuras; 2/1/2021

Resembles Dichanthimum Or Could be Bithriochloa too,

I don’t think it’s either of those two

Bothriochloa bladhii


Need grass Id: Bothriocloa?: 4 images.

Black soil near water

Bothriochloa bladhii (B.intermedia)



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