Billbergia nutans H.Wendl. ex Regel, Gartenflora 18: 162 1869. (Syn: Billbergia linearifolia Baker; Billbergia minuta Mez; Billbergia nutans f. rupestris Hassl.; Billbergia nutans var. schimperiana (Wittm. ex Baker) Mez; Billbergia nutans var. striata ReitzBillbergia schimperiana Wittm. ex Baker; Billbergia schimperiana f. rupestris Hassl.);  
Argentina Northeast; Argentina Northwest; Brazil South; Brazil Southeast;
Paraguay; Uruguay
as per Catalogue of Life;



Billbergia nutans from Delhi: Happy Friendship day.: I was just going through GRIN to know if any plant is named after friends and discovered yes Bilbergia nutans is known as friendship plant. On searching the Google images, I realized that perhaps I had this plant in some folder and ultimately got it, had photographed it from Delhi University Flower Show.

Very interesting colour combination.



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please help me to identify this plant

Is it Ophiopogon planiscapus?

Certain Billbergia (Bromeliaceae) species, Dave’s has a similar –

It looks like Bilbergia nutans.

Seems to be Billbergia amoena.

This is not Billbergia amoena. If it is what you think as you will have to provide differentiating characters between amoena and nutans, …

I have not come across Billbergia nutans yet. 
Hence the suggested id. 
Since haven’t seen both Species, unable to provide differentiating characters between amoena and nutans.

I feel that it is Bilbergia nutans.





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Location: Chautara, Sindhupalchowk
Date: 26 December  2018
Elevation: 1300 m.

Habit : Cultivated

Please ignore image 4.   

No, it isn’t. 

Could it be some Tillandsia sp. ?

No Tillandsia

Does not seem to match with any species in efi so far at 

Billbergia nutans H.Wendl. ex Regel ??

To me also appears close to images at 

Yes, Billbergia nutans. I grow this plant in my garden…all over my garden!!

This is a plant that we share back and forth at our local swaps twice a year. It seems to live forever and multiply, thrives on neglect.