Nervilia pangteyana J. S. Jalal, Kumar & G. S. Rawat, Nordic Journal of Botany Volume 30, Issue 4, pages 407–411, August 2012;

Nervilia pangteyana: new orchid species.: Please find one of our new article attached. Its about a new species
of Nervlia. We have named it Nervilia pangteyana. Species epithet is to honor Prof. Y.P.S.Pangtey, one of the very famous taxonomist from India. He happens to be the PhD supervisor of first and third author.

Dr. Rajendra Shinde and Ms Swedle Cerejo has been of great help in making this possible.

I am very much obliged. 

One more thing that proves the high diversity value of Indian flora.

the scale in the first figure between a and b (the 3 cms of A and 2 cms of B seem a bit odd, not proportional) seems a bit off on the computer screen…
could you check again in your own original photographs… I know you are a stickler for details , hence this note… other its all very good…

Yes it looks that way, but its ok. Open the file. Enlarge the page so that the 3cm line touches upper and lower part of screen. Then move the page down and bring 2cm line on screen. You can see it is very
much proportional. May be 2-3 mm difference, but its ok.


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Nervilia pangteyana Jalal, Kumar & G.S.Rawat, Nordic J. Bot. 30: 407 (2012).
Distribution: Uttarakhand
Attachment: 036 2012 N PANGTEYANA NORDIC J BOTANY.p

Great work … nice to see one more sp described by you

Congrats, nice to know this species as well your association with this.. entire team deserves applauds..

Thanks a lot sirs for your compliments and encouragements.
The plant was discovered by Dr. Jeewan a very close friend of mine and is named after Prof. Y.P.S.Pangtey.


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