Scleria terrestris (L.) Fassett, Rhodora 26: 159 1924. (Syn: Scleria laevis var. scaberrima Benth.; Scleria scrobiculata C.B. Clarke; Zizania terrestris L.;                          Diaphora cochinchinensis Lour.; Schoenus paniculatus Burm.f.; Scleria aspera Boeckeler; Scleria chinensis var. biauriculata C.B.Clarke; Scleria cochinchinensis (Lour.) Druce; Scleria elata Thwaites ..; Scleria exaltata Boeckeler; Scleria haematostachys Boeckeler; Scleria hasskarliana Boeckeler; Scleria hirsuta Boeckeler; Scleria kuntzei Boeckeler; Scleria luzonensis Palla; Scleria melanostoma Boeckeler; Scleria ploemii Boeckeler; Scleria radula Hance; Scleria rinkiana Boeckeler; Scleria terrestris var. decolorans (C.B.Clarke) Fassett; Scleria terrestris var. latior (C.B.Clarke) Fassett);



please find the images of Scleria terrestris taken from Ranpur
Name: Scleria terrestris Syn. Scleria elata
Family: Cyperaceae
Place of collection: Ranpur, Nayagarh, Odisha
Habit: Perennial herb
Habitat: grasslands
Altitude: 400 m above msl

I really appreciate your efforts in catching the smaller details which are always useful in ID



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