Glyptopetalum grandiflorum Bedd., Icon. Pl. Ind. Or. 1: 21 1871. ;



Glyptopetalum grandiflorum Bedd. (Celastraceae):

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Description: Shrub; branchlets terete, angled when young. Leaves elliptic-oblong, rounded or cuneate at base, entire, rarely obscurely serrate towards apex, acute or acuminate at apex, 10-15.5 x 5-6.5 cm, coriaceous. Cymes 3-flowered; peduncles filiform, slender, 10-16 cm long. Pedicels ca 2.5 cm long, inserted with scale-like bracts. Sepals 4-lobed. Petals 4, obovate, 8-10 mm long, inconspicuously pitted or not, yellow. Stamens 4, sessile. Disc more or less rounded. Ovary within disc. Capsules globose, ca 2 cm, smooth, pale, 4-seeded; Seeds ovate, 1.5 cm across, arillate.
Phenology: February- June
Distribution: Southern Western Ghats 
Photo taken from Kurichiarmala, Wayanad Dist., Kerala
Description of the plant is taken from” Flowering plants of Kerala, version 2.0, Interactive CD, N. Sasidharan, KFRI.