Cynoglossum longifolium (Leichtlin ex Beck & F.Abel) Greuter &
Stier, Biodivers. Data J. 3 (e4831): 19. 2015 (Syn: Anchusopsis longiflora (Benth.) Bisch.; Cynoglossum grandiflorum Benth.; Cynoglossum longiflorum Benth.; Lindelofia longiflora (Benth.) Baill.; Lindelofia longiflora var. falconeri (C. B. Cl.) Stewart &
Kazmi; Lindelofia longiflora var. levingei (C. B. Cl.) Stewart &
Kazmi; Lindelofia longifolia Leichtlin ex Beck & F.Abel; Lindelofia spectabilis Lehm.; Lindelofia spectabilis var. falconeri Clarke; Lindelofia spectabilis var. levingei Clarke; Omphalodes longiflora (Benth.) A. DC.; Paracaryum longiflorum (Benth.) Boiss.) as per Catalogue of Life;

by Anzar Khuroo (Id by Umesh Kumar Tiwari & Krishan Lal), Sushmita Jha & Satish Phadke (Id by J.M.Garg) &  (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more photos & complete details, click
on the links)



N-India, Nepal, Pakistan (Hazara, Chitral, Swat), Pakistani Kashmir (Gilgit,
Baltistan), Jammu & Kashmir (Dras, Kashmir, Zanskar)
 as per  Catalogue of Life

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Plz help in ID of the Borage plant, attached photo from DRASS (J & K), 3400 m.
Whether Cynoglossum ????

Close up of flower from above should help: Onosoma or Paracaryum could be considered.

It could be Lindelofia longiflora (Boraginaceae)

It look me too Lindelofia longiflora.



PLANT FOR ID 116 SMP JUN 09 Lahaul- Spiti : 10 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (3)
Got no clues from the books I have.
Flower from Himalayas. Lahaul Spiti

Wild guess -may be Campanula alpina
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I took these pictures en route to Suru Valley, Kargil, which look similar to … flower from Lahaul Spiti. Brilliant blue shy flowers, with mauve buds.
Would these also therefore be Campanula alpina?

Have a look at fruits. To me it looks a member of Boraginaceae. I will have  a more critical look to recall. I visited Suru valley in 1972, wish I had a digital camera then. I will have a look at my herbarium collection and may be there is something to help..

Although some Boraginaceae plants as Myosetes have some resemblance with these, but Boraginous flowers are not bell shaped, petals are free.

first of all, welcome to this group. Its a privilege to have you amongst us. Suru Valley in 1972 must have been so much more beautiful with not too much construction/habitation around. 
And thanks to you and … for your suggestions. I am a total lay(wo)man and depend on experts like you both and others in this group.

Onosoma of Boraginaceae definitely has drooping campanula like flowers. Blue flowers are found in O. hypoleucum and O. thomsonii. You may try these.

It should be Cynoglossum longifolium (Leichtlin ex Beck & F.Abel) Greuter & Stier as per images herein.