Myriophyllum spicatum L., Sp. Pl. 992 1753. ?; 




Myriophyllum sp.? from Dal Lake-: Another aquatic herb from Dal lake. Looks like some Myriophyllum sp.? 
Date/Time: 24-09-2011 / 07:45AM
Location: Dal lake, Srinagar
Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit: Herb 

Any closeup of the leaf?

I would imagine Hydrilla verticillata

I am sending 2 cropped images. See if this can be of some help. Actually, these photographs were taken from a distance.

Yes Myriophyllum spicatum

Could this be Limnophyllum

I am talking with reference to fourth pic.

I hope you mean Limnophila
Looks similar, but It has opposite leaves, here they seem to be 4 in a whorl
But being a distant shot, nothing can be said with certainty

I think we call it Gemeiner Tannenwedel, don’t know more. Sorry