Rubiaceae for identification 270712MK03:

Please help me to identify this Rubiaceae small shrub found in a Shola forest of Western Ghats.
The flowers measures c.1cm longer; leaves: 15cm longer.
Place: Vaalparai, TN
Date: 12 July 2012
Alt.: 960 m asl
Habitat: Shola and riparian

Saprosma sp.

I am not sure, you please check with Saprosma glomeratum (Gard.) Bedd.

Could this be Saprosma glomeratum (Gard.) Bedd.???

Its a wild guess.. Please confirm it..

Would you pl. confirm this in view of your earlier posting ?

I forwarded these photos to … (who had earlier confirmed the id of the fruits that I had found in Agumbe). He agreed that this could be Saprosma glomeratum.




ANFEB01 Saprosma glomeratum : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (7)

Famliy: Rubiaceae
Date: 1st February 2015
Place: Agumbe, Karnataka
Habit: Shrub
Identified by: …


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