Albizia richardiana (Voigt) King & Prain (Syn: Albizia paludosa T.Anderson; Gagnebinia richardiana Voigt);


Fabaceae – Mimosoideae ( Mimosaceae) Week :: Albizia richardiana from Mumbai:
A huge tree seen during the ‘Tree Appreciation Walk’ at Parsi Colony, Five Gardens, Mumbai in April, 2011.
It was so huge… I was not carrying my zoom lens so could not get any closer.

yes very nice photos, there are 3-4 trees in five garden (Dadar, Mumbai), unique feature to id the plant is stem is yellowish in colour..

As I have stated earlier, there is a group known as ‘Tree Appreciation Group’ (TAW) in Mumbai.

Some from this group are members on eflora too.
I had the pleasure of attending just one of their outings as I’m usually not in Mumbai.
A list of trees to be seen is circulated in advance, & then each one is shown & more information given about it.
It is generally a two hours walk.
…, … are some of the members I know & they know the trees very well.They are eflora members as well.

no mam, there is no label on the tree, its a old tree and recorded earlier by the taxonomist who did their ph.d. on the trees of the Mumbai, hence the identity passed on also to the common people w, and also the tree flowers and fruits every year, which used for identification by the experts..

There seems to be two different species of Albizia richardiana as below:

1. As per GRIN:
Albizia richardiana King & Prain
= Albizia niopoides (Spruce ex Benth.) Burkart (Cultivated in India)
As per ILDIS: Albizia niopoides var. niopoides syn. Albizia richardiana King & Prain2– range not shown in India but in Mauritius(I)6
2. As per ILDIS: Albizia richardiana (Voigt) King & Prain
– Introduced in India (UP & WB)
May be somebody clarify which out of these two is the posted species.